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A New Series of Books

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Where There Will Be The Following Amusements:-

Miss Julia Valentine's Daring Escapdes in Scotland, Sussex and Devon as witnessed by The Crowned Heads of Europe

To Weave a Tangled Web

When twelve-year-old Julia Valentine is sent to live with her uncle in Scotland, she wonders if it will ever feel like home.

But just before Hogmanay, she receives an unexpected gift which leads her and her family on a perilous adventure.

Strange curses, stolen jewels and the mysterious bookshop owner, Miss Stevenson, all conspire to make sure that 1872 is a year that Julia will never forget.

An Affectionate Tribute to the Thrilling Adventures of Times Past

In association with Miss Valentine -


...Miss Worm...

Original Short Stories

The Adventure continues...

To Climb a Crooked Path

Lady Archer

After an eventful six months in Scotland, Julia Valentine returns home to her beloved Sussex, and life returns to normal.

But when an anonymous parcel is left on her doorstep, thirteen-year-old Julia is plunged into another adventure; this time fighting traitors and spies.

The sweltering summer of 1873 promises to be full of intrigue and danger as she finally unlocks the secret of key 17A…and battles to solve a murder from the past.

To Catch a Cunning Fox

It’s 1875 and fifteen-year-old Julia Valentine travels to the rugged moors and cliffs of Devon, determined to settle what she thinks is unfinished business from To Climb a Crooked Path.

In her most dangerous adventure yet, Julia stays at The Nine Ravens Inn, a place whose history is filled with retribution and vengeance.

Justice, when it comes, is merciless.








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